Pop Music

Pop music is the term used to describe the most popular music of a given time. The rhythm and lyrics are typically geared towards the younger crowd and tend to dominate radio stations. However, old, young and the in-between may find a pop artist they like. The term is used to cover a wide assortment of artists and sounds. Pop music lyrics tend to focus on love won and lost and partying or dancing.

Most pop music songs are more mild and friendly to the ears than the guitar heavy sound of rock and roll or the long instrumental sounds of classical music. The music is tailored to suit the mainstream world rather than a select group. Many attribute Elvis Presley and The Beatles as the pioneers of pop music. The key to a successful pop song is its ability to please all audiences without offending or alienating.


Pop stars and their music are marketed as a total package rather than a musician pursuing their craft. That package is meant to appeal to fans and is often criticized for being fake. Industry experts place a heavy amount of emphasis on image, rather than musical talent. Most pop music artists are not professionally trained and do not write or play their own music. Today, pop tends to be digitally or electronically produced and is constantly evolving as new techniques are discovered.

Pop stars are some of the most recognizable faces in the music business because they cover a wide range of genres. Young fans often influence their parents’ taste and vice versa allowing for a wider, more diverse audience. Some artists, like Madonna, for example, have managed to stay in the mainstream music world for several decades. Madonna is probably one of the most popular living pop stars in the world.

Artists like Britney Spears are equally famous, but tend to come and go with the changing times. Spears’ highly publicized career and image has kept her name on top for more than a decade. Pop music artists tend to be young and have a certain appeal a savvy manager can capitalize on. Justin Bieber burst into the music world at just 13-years-old. Again, his career was hinged on his squeaky-clean image, signature hairstyle and soulful voice.

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