Pop Stars

Pop stars are a strange phenomenon in the modern world. They are a relatively new addition to the cultural landscape but they have become incredibly influential. Essentially, they can be defined as a person who becomes incredibly well known for something they have achieved. Modern pop stars are usually singers or musicians. The type of pop songs they play doesn’t really matter as long as it is popular and they become well known.

However, pop stars aren’t just known for their music. They achieve a level of fame that stretches beyond music. One of the biggest pop stars in modern history was Michael Jackson. Michael was well known for singing with his brothers in the “Jackson 5″ and then became an international star in the 80′s and 90′s based on his incredibly catchy and well written music. He also became famous for his dancing, his music videos and a full length movie. Unfortunately, his fame eventually grew to include his increasingly odd behavior.


Many pop stars become famous for their strange behavior as well as their music. Brian Wilson, singer and composer for internationally famous band “The Beach Boys” became well known for his incredible music. He also became known for a widely publicized mental break down and for his increasingly bizarre behavior. The legends of his behavior often outshine his music.

The history of pop stars and their infamy stretches back to the times of Charles Lindbergh. Although Lindbergh was a pilot, he became internationally well known for his solo flights over the Atlantic Ocean. This infamy backfired on Charles when his baby was kidnapped and murdered. Ever since this time, the public has had a fascination with pop stars.

Musicians as pop stars became more prevalent with singers like pop music artists Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. These charismatic crooners expanded their stardom into the world of movies, becoming acclaimed actors. Later on, pop stars like Elvis Prestly brought a wildness to the pop star image. Rock and roll turned pop stars into rebellious images that influenced the growing “teenager” population.

Pop stars are becoming wilder and wilder with the times. Stars like “Lady Gaga” mix wild fashion with daring music and incredibly sexual lyrics. Some stars, like Bono as well known for their attempts to influential world politics, such as meeting with Russian prime ministers and talking to presidents. These stars have changed drastically from the early days.

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